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It is a requirement of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development that accurate records of students absences are kept by the school. We appreciate parent support in notifying the school of their child’s absence.
If your child is going to be absent from school, we would appreciate notification as soon as possible. You may use the school app to notify the school of your child's absence by choosing the "Absence" button in the Flexibuzz app or by using the form located here.
Remember, ‘It’s not OK to be Away!
It's Not OK to Be Away is a statewide initiative building a school and community approach to the issue of student attendance. The initiative is designed to change community and student attitudes to school attendance. It requires the support of both parents and the community if student attendance is to be successfully addressed.
It's Not OK to Be Away promotes two key messages:
   • Student attendance is the responsibility of everyone in the community 
   • Effective Schools monitor, communicate and implement strategies to improve regular school attendance, as this is a prerequisite for improving educational outcomes.
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