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Real Schools

Real Schools is about:


Committed teachers

My father loved the expression about commitment that goes, “It’s just like with bacon & eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.” And as it is at Real Schools! Our quest is to release the ‘inner pig’ within your staff to open up a whole new world of practice. We provide experiences and partnerships which are inspiring and yet provoking. And when we commit to this level of practice, we are simply modelling the lifelong learning we want to foster in our students.
We take teachers through practice barriers. And on the other side is a whole new world of focus, effectiveness and impact. But more than this, your teachers will actually be happier, less stressed and more ‘on their game’ as a result of their Real Schools experience.

Caring students

This isn’t about caring for students. It also isn’t about using tips and tricks to garner a little extra compliance from our students. It isn’t even about teaching them the good thing to do. This is about showing them how to desire doing good. It’s about fundamentally changing who they are and learning how our practice can transform lives … because we know it does.
Our partnerships are embedded in solid research about what it takes to build resilience, confidence, conflict resolutions skills, relationship building skills and a sense of community with our young people. Whether you are planning for one particular tough student, one tricky class or for a whole school change in the way your students behave, then we can tailor an experience that will mark a turning point in your school’s journey.

Connected communities

Do some of your students have upward of 1000 Facebook friends yet would walk past 850 of them in the street without so much as a nod of hello? Our young people have changed – particularly in the way that they view friendships, relationships and community. The problem is that the skill is not in making relationships, it’s in sustaining them. It’s in building strong, thick bonds that can withstand a problem without having to click ‘unfriend’.
Remember when we used to talk our problems through? The Real Schools mission is all about re-positioning the school as the community relationship hub – where community members have the skill, the intent and the persistence to work together for a better future. After all, we’re more than the sum of our parts … aren’t we?
To find out more, please download the latest presentation and contact the school office for the Real Schools username and password which will give you access to content especially for Middle Park Primary School.


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